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Exploring Foscam C1

This post is about hardware and software internals of a popular IP Camera from Shenzen company Foscam. 1. Hardware Foscam C1 was launched to market in 2015. I had chance to buy one from the local store before it get replaced by C2 and C2M. 1.1 Specifications ARM9 HI3518E

Radio Si740x on Olinuxino A20

This project is about interfacing SI470X with A20 System on Chip (Olinuxino LIME). The unused TWI2 was selected because the tuner chip has a non-standard i2c initialization and needs SDA pin usage exclusivity to work properly. Pinout |-----------| |---------------| | |- LOUT ------------------- FMINL -| | | breakout |- ROUT ------------------- FMINR -|

OGG audio recording in Chrome

This article is about capturing and encoding microphone audio in ogg format on Chrome. It is based in the work done along a 4Talent internship. Repository: https://github.com/astroza/chrome_ogg_encoder The problem HTML5 new API UserMedia & MediaStream provides access to audio and video input devices. In

Teensy 3.1 and CC3000 Wifi breakout

Texas Instruments, Beagle's heart factory, has launched a cheap module that provides wifi connectivity to your garage project. This post is about how communicate a tiny mini Teensy with a CC3000 breakout from Adafruit. Wiring Pins mapping Teensy pin CC3000 pin Color GND GND Black Vin Vin Red 13 CLK